Is Your Business Still Headed in the Right Direction?

“People don’t get lost because they’re not sure where they want to go. People get lost because they start out on a path and don’t keep checking to make sure they’re still headed in the right direction.”

– Rachel Hollis

This quote from Girl, Stop Apologizing stopped me dead in my tracks. 

How often do we, as business owners, get so “Heads down, must focus” that we start to operate on auto-pilot?

While at times this is necessary to get things done, operating in this fashion for too long causes us to put blinders on about how we’re doing things. We find ourselves getting frustrated and feeling discouraged but we’re working so hard to finish that task and accomplish that goal that we’re not even considering if what we’re doing is helping move our business in the right direction. By the time we take the blinders off and take a look around we realize… we’re lost.  

I can’t tell you the number of times I have asked someone why they do something in their business and they either can’t remember (meaning it must have made sense at one time) or they don’t know altogether.

My challenge to business owners is to take some time to step back and really reflect on what they’re doing in their business and why. Ask yourself the tough questions and really think about the answers and how they contribute to the big picture of what you’re trying to achieve.

If you find yourself stuck on where to even begin, complete my Free Business Operations Assessment that will walk you through the Top 8 Questions I ask Business Owners when I conduct THE AUDIT of their business. 

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